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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  August 23, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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procedures but it's permissible and not a financial burden. it is only when the increased cost of abortion is prohibitive. essentially depriving women of the choice to have an abortion. >> we can regulate the safety, health and welfare of these kind of operations and if they want to uphold the law of the land, we can uphold the law of the land. >> to get abortion providers to meet the same regulations as small hospitals or regular hospitals, which would essentially shut down many of these facilities. they simply couldn't afford to meet those requirements. >> reporter: and this building off route 29 here in falls church houses one of the state's 20 abortion clinics. that would likely be effected by the new regulations. attorney general spokesman said the state has long regulated outpatient surgical facilities and in order to ensure safety for the patients and they don't
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feel abortion clinics should be exempt from the regulations as well. the legal opinion issued on friday does not need a vote by the general assembly. all it needs is a signature by the governor. derek. >> delia, thank you. new at 6:00, montgomery county police are investigating the rape of an 86-year-old woman at a senior center where she lives. detectives tell us it happened early saturday morning at the hurricane hill -- churchill senior center. the person broke in through an open window. a family feud in virginia turned deadly over the weekend. on sunday a man opened fire on his family, killing his son and nephew and wounding four other relatives. new at 6:00, a survivor breaks his silence. >> my wife was shot in the chest, my one nephew was shot through the windpipe. he's up in the uva hospital. he's going to be fed with a
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tube or something. he's on life support. >> apparently this deadly rampage was over a 1.5-acre of land. in all three people were killed, including the gunman. deputies killed him after he turned his gun on the officers. an off duty d.c. police officer is shot in northeast. he was struggling with a robbery suspect when his gun went off. alex trevino is live with the story. but now what about the officer's condition? >> we're told the officer is doing okay. he was treated and released from the hospital. after fighting off a man who was suspected of stealing from this home depot. some tense moments during today's noon hour. 9 news cameras were here when they were treating the suspect. officers say he got into an altercation with an off-duty metropolitan police officer. during a struggle police say
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the officer's weapon was discharged. >> the suspect did obtain or touch the weapon to the point where it was discharged. he was bitten several times and received several nicks and bruises as a result of the assault. >> reporter: there are security cameras inside and outside of the home depot. investigators are trying to determine if the scuffle was captured in that video. again, the officer made it out of the hospital after being treated with the graze wound to his arm. and the suspect has minor injuries and faces criminal charges. i'm alex trevino. 9 news now. an update on the subway shop robbery from last week. police have released this surveillance video. he's a black men with thin, cropped hair. he appeared to have scarring on his right arm and in early to mid-70s and about 6 feet tall.
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anyone with information is asked to call crimestoppers. and new information on the controversial rally planned by glenn beck. according to the organizers, martin luther king, jr.,'s niece is expected to speak. the rally is called restoring honor and it will be held on the steps of the lincoln memorial, the anniversary of the famous i have a dream speech which he also delivered at the lincoln memorial. the first day of school in prince george's county. average class sizes have grown to nearly 30 after $70 million in budget cutting. no teachers were laid off but hundreds who have retired were not replaced. >> and so we've had -- well a furlough throughout our system and that way we didn't have to layoff any teachers. we did have to layoff some support staff. >> more than 360 administrators and staff have been laid off. and students went back to
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school in the district today. mayor fenty facing a stiff challenge from vincent gray. and bruce johnson reports the two campaigns are giving different grades to the mayor's reform efforts under chancellor michelle rhee. >> were you all here last time? >> reporter: mayor fenty will sink or swim in next month's primary with his school chancellor michelle rhee at his side. the two arrived at the elementary school to tout new schools and improved test scores. >> graduation rates are up. >> reporter: vincent gray was touting imemploymentation of the pre-k for all bill that he championed as d.c. council chairman. students at the sunshine early learning center pointed out that the school reforms have produce the only fourth grade
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results. >> we have looked at the secondary schools. >> in every subgroup we've closed the gap but that doesn't solve the problem. >> reporter: what could be the system's biggest challenge, wilson senior high school students today reported for classes on the campus of udc while their classroom is being renovated. and so there is no cav teara today and so school officials brought lunch for everybody. the honor role students may be allowed outside to get their lunches. and the mayor points to the cost of his votes. >> even my critics will say he's gotten stuff done and then say he's got to do a better job of listening to people and making sure people are heard and if their thoughts are concerned.
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and i agree with that. >> bruce johnson, 9 news now. and democrats in ward five will hold their straw poll. and observers in the row expect a great erwin from the ward 5 democrats. and visit our back to school page at click on news and then go to extras. just ahead, the 911 controversy. a man is struck by lightning and number with get through to the emergency operators. just what in the community supervision is this little guy doing. stay with us for the weather of the day. we're going to take youute with the almanac. we have clouds coming in now be waged to -- we managed to make it into the mid-80s today. averages are now going down, 85 and 68 are the averages. you can always access this on our website at we'll come back and talk about when the showers roll in and much cooler air. stay tuned. kç18?ñ÷pg
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interest rates on mortgages, savings account and other things may be at an all- time low. but not for 380 million credit card accounts. those rates are up 17%. they credit the increases to card rules but now the ability to charge penalty fees and adjusting the rates on the fly. renovations for the howard theater next month. and to pay for the construction, the d.c. government cut a deal with a developer to provide up to $15 million in grants and tax incentives. plans call for a new theater and museum space. let's get outside for the evening rush. >> it's after 6:00 and we want to give you an idea of what is happening in and around the beltway. we start with the accident that just cleared. this is good news at route 50 on the outer loop. we're still seeing some delays
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approaching the scene, starting at arena drive. now going inside the beltway at rock creek parkway, out bound traffic will stop due to some lane closures at p. street. police are on the scene trying to clear that up. and finally outside and checking out things on 95, heading home on this route, should be no problem. smooth sailing after lorton down to dumfries. back to you. hate crimes on the rise in maryland. we'll tell you what areas and who is being targeted. stay with us.
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look at you.
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body rested. stress gone. mind sharp. because unisom gave you deep restful sleep all night. morning early birds. unisom. good night. good morning. when you dial 911, the last thing you expect is a busy signal. but a busy signal is what happened to hundreds of callers during one of the summer's huge thunderstorms. including callers trying to get help for a man hit by lightning. bruce leshan reports, they are demanding change. >> reporter: a crew is only now getting around to removing the huge tree where carl hen was
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hit by lightning. his fellow picnickers had taken cover during the storm on july 25th and after the thunder passed they found the gardner and community activist unconscious under the tree. dennis mccarthy started cpr while his friends tried to reach 911. >> we could hear them saying, i can't get through. i can't get through. it's busy. >> and this went on for a while? >> it seemed like forever. >> reporter: carl hen's friends gave up on getting ahold of 911. they threw him in the back of an suv and drove him to the hospital two miles away. he died two days later. >> montgomery county 911. >> reporter: at the emergency call center, managers insist the nine or so call takers on a sunday afternoon were simply overwhelmed. they suspect hundreds of calls ended with busy signals. they handled 391 calls in the space of an hour. >> even if we had 100, given
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the calls that come through on a major event like this storm, i cannot guarantee you there would not be busy signals. >> carl would want the system fixed. >> reporter: the call center is encouraging people to use nonemergency numbers. think before you call 911 is the situation really life- threatening or are you stealing help from someone who really needs it? it gaithersburg, bruce leshan, 9 news now. >> the 911 managers say they are dependent on technology put together in 1970s. they say systems need a huge infusion of cash to get them up to date. hate crime investigations in baltimore. a recent string of attacks near patterson park share one thing in common, the victims are all hispanic men. latest this past saturday. police found the body of a 51- year-old man beaten to death. and police say 19-year-old
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jermaine holly confessed to the murder. investigators say he stated in an interview that he has a hatred of mexicans and there is a second teenage suspect in the case. and duly rallies, not showing much of a compromise. those against the mosque two blocks away from ground zero. opponents call it a slap in the face to those killed on 9/11. but because of this issue, plans for a new mosque in other communities across the country have turned into hot-button issues. >> we have to been cognizant that we have a right and we have the muslim nation to be concerned about and worry about the extremist as well because they are seizing this moment so we have to be very careful and deliberate when we make any major decisions. >> the islamic center planners say they are working with a rabbi to pattern it like a jewish community sent. but the protest is of little
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interest. a gunman hijacked a bus full of chinese tourists. a fired police officer hijacked the tour bug and demanded the cops give him his job back. he was killed along with six of the hostages. workers were cheering after they found 33 miner as live, 17 days after they were trapped in a collapsed mine. now that is the good news. the bad news is, it could take months to drill a hole big enough to get them out of there. chile's president is calling for aid from the united states and other countries to perhaps speed up that rescue. crews have already drill aid hole to send down food, water and oxygen and communications equipment. well now the video we're about to show you has no news value but it's very, very cool to watch. check him out. just grooving. he's a panda, getting his groove on down at the zoo in china and it's going viral on
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the web. i think the music is something like you can find me in the club with a bottle full of -- but it's gotten more than 70,000 views on you tube. >> he's got it going on. >> he has some rhythm. so you don't want to trade some showers for temperatures in the 70s? >> no. i would rather have the sunshine. however, my front lawn would take that any day. >> any time. we'll make that trade any way. we have showers rolling in here and we're looking at nothing heavy, maybe a thunderstorm later tonight and that's about it. here is your forecast first. next three days, mid-70s tomorrow. showers ab maybe some drizzle. and then on wednesday, showers. temperatures in the upper 70s. on thursday making it back into the mid 80 wall street a couple of showers. breaking down tomorrow, we could see some showers in the morning. we are looking at showers in the upper 60s. it looks like that for temperatures but light. and at noon we're looking at teams around 70. with just light showers or
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drizzle. and by evening, more light showers or drizzle. temperatures in the mid-70s. so we could have wet commutes on either side but not flooding or anything that serious. temperatures right now very nice. 81 in arlington. 80 in bethesda. 80 in beltsville. 80 for annapolis. there are small craft advisories for the bay and tidal potomac through tomorrow morning. 80 in great falls and sterling and 79 in leesberg. for tonight, mostly cloudy and showers, perhaps a thunderstorm tonight. tonight is our only chance for anything moderately heavy. temperatures in the 60s and winds northeast at 10-15. tomorrow mostly cool with showers, drizzle, temperatures in the 60 toss around 70. and then by afternoon, a chance of showers. tomorrow maybe some drizzle, and high temperatures between 70-75 and the northeast winds will keep temperatures down. which is a nice trade. satellite picture, radar combined, upper level low will retrograde to the south and west and it will be a spring
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pattern. where the lows can't move and they get captured in the upper atmosphere and this will do the same thing. sit on top of us for a while and give us some showers. but the big impact is the northeast winds, the clouds and the cooler temperatures as we go through tonight, tomorrow and also into wednesday. let me show you live doppler 9000. let's pib point some of the -- pinpoint some of the activity. if you're east of the 95 you're dry. and west of the 95 you're beginning to see some showers. from middletown toward frederick and eventually toward leesberg and eventually showers move down 7 toward gainesville and great falls. and back to the computer. we'll talk about what will happen its next little bit in terms of models. maybe a thunderstorm south of town tonight, but the big impact is clouds and some light showers and northeast winds and much, much cooler air which is a good thing with temperatures in the 70s tomorrow and also on wednesday. hurricane danielle, became a hurricane at 5:00. good news, it will be a fish
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storm. probably a category three storm but it should end up east of bermuda, leaving us alone. next 7 days, 70s tomorrow, 70 on wednesday, maybe a shower on thursday, 84. and then upper 70s on friday with sunshine. there is your compromise. by friday you get 70 and sunshine. mid-80s into saturday. upper 80s on sunday. and back in the low 90s next monday. >> if that seven-day holds out, totally worth it. >> good grade. so now haynesworth meets it with coach shanahan and did they hug it out. >> all i know he's been paid and you play where the coach tells you to play once you've been paid. is albert nearing the end of his redskins rope? haynesworth and shanahan have their tetta tet today. and is strasburg done for the season? we'll talk about it next.
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so if jim zorn was the redskins substitute teacher, then mike shanahan is mr. hand. and if you don't know who mr. hand is, go rent fast times at ridge mont high but you don't get away with anything in mr. hand's class. and after the haynesworth post- game rant accusing of shanahan misleading the media and still punishing him for missing off season. shanahan has made it clear, he's the boss, haynesworth is the employee, and in his regime, if you don't practice, you don't play. today he pulled him into a private meeting, after which the coach wasn't budging. >> he hasn't had a lot of practices, he got some playing time. obviously on saturday night. and we're going to practice him as much as we can and get him ready to play. >> one day he has to practice
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and then not out there. when guys are out on the field, i coach the guys on the field. that's all can i tell you. >> he claims to have a condition called rab dough mile is is, and it is a kidney condition but is caused by overexerting yourself when out of shape. and his teammates are running out of patience. >> right now we tend to just accept that he will say some things and until he realized that we need to move forward and be a team, it will continue to happen. >> we're just trying to play football out here and whatever he does, he does. and as long as he's firing with the defense, i'm fine with it. donovan mcnabb missed today practice with a boot on his foot. and maureen moore is out weeks and mike sellers is questionable for friday as well. so how long can a guy throw
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that hard before his arm just falls off? that's the fear nationals fans had, alongside the excitement, when the team drafted strasburg and some fears are being realized. the nats rookie placed on the disabled list for the second time today with pain in his pitching forearm. the nats doctor saw something fishy in his mri. thaer awaiting a second m mi where they inject die into his arm and then they'll shut him down. >> it's still a flexor strain and after the mri arthro gram, we'll have more information and do our due diligence and know which course to take after that. >> nats back home tonight against the cubs. and chicago's first game of the post lou piniella career. he retired last year. coleman and hernandez, great quality stars. nine months after the car crash, tiger woods and his wife
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are divorced. they released a joint statement saying the happiness of their children will be of paramount important to them. this friday the high school football system kicks off in d.c. and with it a new way to kickoff. this year high school sports are looking for high schoolers to join our team by shooting video of your school. you can find information at under the heading of making the same mistake twice, michael jordan and the bobcats have signed kwame brown. and he was drafted in 2001 and that, as we know, was one of the great busts in history. what is he doing? >> who knows. well that is 9


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